What is offered

Serious skin care based on a holistic approach to skin health with treatment-based procedures in combination with homecare prescriptions to balance and correct skin nutrient deficiencies.

 Immediately, you will notice your skin is more vibrant, healthy and even toned.  Your results will be cumulative over time as your skin becomes healthier.  Results vary per individual.

Based upon tedious research, the highest standards of quality and attention to detail your treatment will include the most effective clean products and techniques to deliver results while leaving you feeling revived and relaxed.

Treatments are performed with purified spring water versus tap water. The treatment bed is equipped with grounding therapy which works to soothe your sympathetic nervous system.

Skin conditions treated:  prevention & repair, acne, pigmentation (due to melasma, acne, sun exposure), sensitivity, rosacea, scarring, dryness and premature aged skin.

 Skin Treatments – each session will be customized based on your skin concerns and needs on the day of your service and in conjunction with your treatment plan.  Various modalities will be incorporate as required such as UltraSound, High Frequency, Oxygen Therapy and LED. 

In lieu of tipping, please invest in your homecare products and future treatments.

I am excited to present exclusively to Tucson, the Neurotris Microcurrent Treatment and the entire line of DNA Skin Institute Products, including the recently developed Signal Serums!  The combination of DNA & Neurotris yield significant results naturally! 


Treatments provided: