Neurotris Microcurrent Facial Treatment

If you are not ready for a surgical procedure because of time, financial, or medical limitations, we can offer a non-invasive approach to improve and return a youthful appearance. The experience is wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain, swelling or downtime, and noticeable results begin immediately.

The all NEW Neurotris SX-3800 Anti-Aging features “Platinum Nano” second generation microcurrent technology. The output power plant of the SX-3800 uses four output signal generators yielding immediate results that are permanent with maintenance treatments. Other machines use only one channel. A series of Twice Weekly Treatments will produce cumulative and profound results. 

Microcurrent Treatment Only   

60 minutes

  • Single Session:  $195
  • Series of 10:  $1750

Elevated DNA Microcurrent

1 hour 30 minutes Includes Microcurrent combined with Elevated DNA Cryostem Treatment

  • Single Session:  $250
  • Series of 10:  $2300